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Friday, October 7, 2016

How about another Snippet?

Amalie sat back in her chair, her eyes wide. “Is he sure about the information?”

“He’s pretty sure. If they suspected he was there they would have purged the system looking for him by now. He is reading their mail.”

“Why were you hesitant to inform me of this?”

I cringed. “To act on on this we have to keep it secret from the governments involved. Except for Mars of course. There are still Cabal sympathizers out there. They will refuse to believe that Earth would be party to genocide. Carrying out this attack will be a political nightmare. What happens if we time it wrong and their fleet returns early? One more thing. Earth itself. We don’t know where anything is or what targets to hit. We won’t have all that much time to search, either.”

Amalie’s face was grim. “I see what you mean. We will have to be very careful. I suppose I can authorize scouting parties to penetrate the barrier. But I see what you mean. My own and most likely Sam’s memories of Earth are useless. They would have moved the facilities or the landmarks have all changed.”

“Capitol is supplied from Earth so all we have to do is interrupt the supply chain and they will have to slow down their advance and preparations. Wilson says they have yet to start any food production on the planet.”

Amalie shook her head. “Child you continue to drop these bombs on me. I will have to think about this. Can you have your Wilson send me the information he has collected? I will need to study it.”

I looked at Bellona. As a member of Wilson’s board I should be able to order the CATT to help. “Bellona will you give grandmother the information?”

The  CATT looked at me and nodded. “Primus the files are being transferred to your console.” Bellona’s voice was of sultry and sexy sounding.

“How?… Athena! How did you get her to do what you said?”

“Wilson made me a member of their ruling council. They will take some orders from me, unless he or one of the others countermands it.”

Bellona nodded and then spoke. “The progenitor and our King have decreed that she may give us instruction. On some things only.”

Amalie looked over at her bodyguard and assistant. “What things?”

The CATT laid down and pretended to sleep. CATTs!

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