Saturday, October 15, 2016

First New Snippet from The Federal Witch Book - Magical Probi

“Cat have you seen my dress shoes?”

“Cat?” I pulled my head out from under the bed to see my diminutive roommate sound asleep at her desk. I stood up from beside the bed and crossed the room. Her head was down on one of her textbooks, drool pooling on the page. Smiling I grabbed my cell phone from my pocket and took a candid shot. It was too good not too! Today was a very big day and if I didn’t get to take a nap neither did she.

I gave her a shake and spoke into her ear. “Hey, get your ass up! Don’t you want to graduate?”

She stirred a little and I could hear a muffled voice. “Go away. I’m taking a power nap here.”

“You can rest all you like when the ceremony is over. Now, get up.”

“Don’t wanna!”

“Don’t make me call Chuck. He can get you up.”

“Not if I order him not too.”

“You won’t do that. You like Chuck too much to mess with him like that.” It was true. Chuck was part of our little gang here on campus. He was way too nice to screw with.

“Fine. Whatever.” She raised her head off the desk and rubbed her face. “Eeeww nasty!” She wiped the drool off onto a towel by the desk.

I just laughed at her. I would save that picture for blackmail material. You never know when something like that can come in handy. Today was an important day, it was graduation day. The end of the third year was momentous for us wanna-be agents. For non-field agents this was it. The end of their Law enforcement training. Specialized training would now start. They would go on to become the power behind the muscle that makes up the Bureau; office staff, trainers, and lab technicians. The rest of us would be partnered with actual field agents and our last year was on-the-job-training intensified! Cat was scheduled to intern with the behavior analysis unit for her fourth year. The last time I spoke with Chuck he was going to the field forensic unit. He was very excited. As yet no one had given me my assignment.  With any luck Director Mills will do that after the ceremony.

Checking the clock I told Cat she had thirty minutes to get ready. Living with the WereCat Alpha I learned that she was perpetually late so I always gave her short time limits. “Have you seen my shoes?”

“Look over by Fergus’s barn. I saw him sleeping in one of them the other day.”

“What? If that little maniac ruined my shoes, it’ll be back to the shoe box for him!” I stepped over the the small table we had set up near the window. His red barn was in the middle of the table and sure enough there were my shoes! Sitting neatly together my shoes were lined up perfectly so they could not be seen behind the barn.

“Fergus!” I opened the barn door to the sound of mooo from the noisemaker on the door. Peering inside there was no sign of him. I reached for one of my shoes and I could see hay down in the bottom of it. Turning it upside down I gave it a shake. Bits of hay and a startled Unicorn hit the top of my desk.

“I was sleeping!” He looked rattled but nothing was broken. It takes a lot to break a Unicorn. Just ask Grams cat Zeus. He bounces Fergus around like a toy ball.

“Fergus, why are you in my shoe?”

“I was camping.”

“In my shoe?”

“It’s my summer home.”

“What? How did you even get them up here?”

“I jumped.”

“Really? You jumped carrying my shoes? I’ll bet you got Chuck to put these up here for you.”

Fergus just stared at me.

On a side note. My writing has slowed this week just a little bit. I was diagnosed with Pneumonia and have been drugged up and resting. Writing has been a bit slow because of it.


  1. Hope all is well now. Please take care of yourself we will wait, honest.

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  3. I really enjoyed your first book and short in this series. Looking forward to the next. Soon! Soon! Thanks for sharing your worlds.

  4. I really enjoyed your first book and short in this series. Looking forward to the next. Soon! Soon! Thanks for sharing your worlds.