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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Time for a Snippet. Heres a short one 05

“Where is our contact supposed to meet us?”

I looked out the front window of the RV. “See the guy dressed like a tree throwing pine cones at the press?”

Outside the RV and behind the caution tape were over a hundred news cameras and photographers. You would almost think they were shooting a political ad as much commotion this Chef’s death was causing. Along with the newsies were several hundred tourists and rubberneckers. Working the crowd were Bogies dressed as modern day troubadours complete with musical instruments and painted faces. A taller man was dressed as a tree representing the Jack-in-the-green. He was picking cones off his body and dancing as he threw them at unsuspecting news reporters.

The other Agents all looked. “It’s that guy. I was told to look for the Jack-in-the-green and he’s the only one that fits.”

“Why him?”

“Because the Fae have a sense of humor? A twisted one.” As we watched the tree man was confronted by several of the local police officers who were trying to get him to stop.

“Do you mind if I try and rescue him?”

“Go try.”

I stepped out of the RV and ran over to the Richmond police officers.

“I don’t understand. Why do I have to leave? I already have leaves! See?” The tree man did a little dance that involved swinging his branches. The Bogies all clustered around played their music to accompany him. I felt a touch of Magick in the air. Before my eyes the air shimmered and rippled. The music was magic.

“Excuse me?” I tapped one of the officers on the arm. They were trying to encircle the painted men and were yelling at them to stop playing.

“Excuse me?” I tapped the man again. This time he looked in my direction and told me to back off.

I concentrated my will this time. Glaring at the officer who ignored me I snapped my fingers and said a word of power for them to stop. For a second time seemed to stop in front of the restaurant. All of the officers and Bogies froze for just a moment.

“Oops, I used too much.” I reached through the boys and blue and grabbed the tree man.

“Hey let go of me.” The Jack-in-the-Green looked in my direction. “Ah, the Witch. Took you long enough.”


  1. I'm shooting for the 2nd week of November. But it might be earlier.