Sunday, October 23, 2016

Snippet number 04 from Book 2 of the Federal Witch!

I had just a minute alone with Grandmother. “How is the family? Camilla still causing trouble?”

“At the moment, no. Her brood on the other hand have always been trouble. Winter and Autumn have been caught tourist tipping a few times. Poor Cappy is at his wit’s end over those two.”

I smirked. Winter was my age and should know better. Autumn was the youngest of the two. Whatever possessed my aunt to name them after seasons is the real question. “Was anyone hurt?”

“Not yet, fortunately. Those two have done more harm than you ever did. The squirrels hate them by-the-way. I have seen them go out of their way to drop nuts and excrement on them.” She peered at me closely. “You don’t have anything to do with that do you?”

I really couldn’t hide very much from her. “I sort of asked them to chase Camilla when I was nine. She said something nasty to me and I was upset. It was the only time they have ever listened to me, I swear. If they are chasing the girls it is all on them!”

Grandmother began to laugh. “You. You are the reason they flock to her yard and throw nuts at her. Dear I wish you had told me that years ago! We brought in animal experts to try and get them to stop.” She chuckled some more and shook her head. “Your aunt has been saying you set them on her for years and no one believed her. Do not tell anyone else this. We shall keep this our secret. Understood?”

I nodded to her. The line began to advance. Director Mills stood at the front of the line welcoming each guest in personally. “Hello again, Agatha. Is this your Grandmother?”

“Yes, Ma’am. This is my grandmother Marcella Blackmoore.”

The Director took my grandmother’s hand. “Your granddaughter has become a valuable asset to us here at the Bureau. Thank you for bring her to us.”

“Thank you for getting rid of your predecessor. But you’re welcome. So far you have done a good job with her she still respects her elders and is polite. Between you and me I kicked the Council in their posterior and made them send competent instructors for her.”

“Um, Grams?” I’m guessing she didn’t know about the instructors.

Grandmother held her hand up to me to silence me. Knowing her like I did I shut my mouth.

“I’m sorry you went to that trouble Mrs Blackmore. The Council decided to not send anymore instructors for Agatha this year. She was forced to learn on her own the spells that were needed. They sent written instruction along with spell books.”

Grandmother turned toward me in shock. “What? Child, you should have contacted me!”

“Grandmother, I thought you knew. The instructions were fairly easy to do. I think I have a handle on it now.”

She shook her head. “Those idiots! You will have to show me the instructions at your lab. I will be speaking to them about their idea of instruction, very soon. Maybe they will survive it.”


  1. Very much enjoying these snippets and looking forward to the completed story.

  2. enjoyed your Agatha books. Nice to meet another Pastafarian!