Monday, October 17, 2016

Snippet #2 from Book 2 of the Federal Witch. Magical Probi

“Agatha I have a bone to pick with you.” The look on the directors face was not a good one. I tried to think about anything I may have done recently.

“Ma’am if this is about the landscaping on the East lawn I promise I will pay for it.” The look she gave me froze me in place.

“No, this is about something else, but we will be discussing the East lawn. That explains the crying grounds keeper I had in here this morning. This is about these.” She held up a picture.

It was all I could do but wince. The picture showed what looked like the Marine barracks parade ground. It was covered in Jackalopes. The little critters had eaten all of the grass.

“Oh, those. If you remember last year before you sent me after that Demon I mentioned those things. They were a tiny accident.”

The director cocked her head to one side as if thinking. “I sort of remember that conversation. Help me to remember please?”

“I told you about the spell that went wrong during the last practice with the council’s teacher, Montgomery something or other was his name. I made one of those but later saw a couple more. I did tell you about them.”

“Nope doesn’t ring-a-bell. These things…”

“Jackalopes.” I smiled at her.

She frowned at me. “As I said, these… Jackalopes have infested the entire forest and the Marine base. I just had the General on the phone screaming at me about them. He just knew it was you. His magical corporate goons told him you were the one that did it. He also said it was illegal and against the Council’s magical laws?”

“Tampering with animals or people on purpose is against the rules. Accidents however are not. Especially if you can prove it was an accident. The Council is aware of the Jacks. Both I and my grandmother informed them. I am sorry I didn’t follow up after the demon thing. To be truthful I forgot about them.”

“This is a big deal Agatha! The Marines are really pissed.”

I squeezed my eyes shut and said a prayer to the goddess for strength. “I can try to zap them but every time I have changed an animal I made it magic proof. The squirrels and Fergus are proof of that. Do you want me to try?”

“Lord no. You might make them giants or something. I suppose we can call in hunters or exterminators.”

That gave me a idea. “Ma’am what if we allow the Were’s on campus to have a hunt? We can call it the annual Jackalope hunt or something.”

Director Mills just gave me that look that made me think of kindergarten children. “I better not find out this was a gimmick to let your pack go hunting here. I will look into it.”

Thus the semi-annual Jackalope hunt was born. The Were’s loved it. Rabbits that fight back? They were in.


On a personal note. I'm almost over the bought of Pneumonia that I caught. Thank the Gods for good medications. Back on track and trying to catch up on my writing. On a better note I will be co-writing a new series with Author Michael Anderle set in his Kutherian Gambit series. Look for book one of that one some time after the new year


  1. Be very careful, watch out for resurgence of pneumonia... Not at all uncommon. However, hoping you are well and staying well!! Congrats on catching it early and whupping its butt!

  2. Good meds. It's funny really. My wife has been sick for a few weeks. I took her back to the Doc and they x-rayed me for good measure and said I had a slight case of it. THe antibiotics knocked it out but The Bronchitis took hold. So now I'm on different meds. They are starting to work better and I can concentrate and not sleep all day. So writing has resumed.