Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ok guy and girls Here is a little snippet from the next book:

“Ensign Lee, my name is Lt Commander Smith, I am the Admiral's legal attache. I regret to inform you that you will stand for formal charges of Mutiny, desertion in the face of the enemy, insubordination, and murder when we dock. Any deals that the Admiral has made with you are now Null and void by order of Governor John Wayne Buckley, sector 12 governor of the Empire of Humanity.” “Commander, can he do that? I'm not in your military. Hell, I was declared dead for the last fifteen years. How does being left alone in a far off sector by your own military become desertion?” “Ensign, the Admiral and I think that this is in retaliation for Captain Buckley's death. The captain was the Governor's nephew. Unless something happens to change things, you are going to stand trial.”

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