Sunday, April 17, 2016

Check out the last snippet before the New Book comes out later this week!

My new book Insurrection will be out on Amazon later this week. Check out the last snippet before launch.

“Sir, we are picking up a broadcast from the planetary government.”

“The planetary government? Not the Sector one?”

“Yes, sir. It is directed to any outbound ships with a request to rebroadcast if possible.”

“Can you put on screen? Lets see this broadcast. The planetary government doesn’t do anything.”

Looking at the main screen the captain watched a planetary newscast of farmers with their families peacefully marching to oppose the new government taxes. The sheer amount of people in the march was shocking to him. Were there really that many people even on the planet to begin with? The screen had those officers on the bridge’s undivided attention. When the ESS troops opened fire, Captain Pigot jerked back in shock. They watched in horror as thousand of unarmed civilians were cut down and killed. The slaughter, for that was what it was, continued for over 30 minutes. The images of that heroic man trying to protect the children would stay with him his whole life.

 The newscast switched to a written message begging for anyone receiving this to rebroadcast it so the truth would be known. The broadcast claimed that the Sector government was locking down the satellites preventing messages from going out.

“Communications? Start scanning all frequencies. Try and find some government response to this or any official new if you can.”

“Yes, sir, right away sir.”

The captain closed his eyes, deep in his thoughts, he missed the brief conversation between the XO, navigation and weapons officers.

“Excuse me, sir? Communications has found a Government Broadcast.” The XO touched the captain on his arm waking him up.

Opening his eyes, the captain jerked awake. “Sorry XO I guess I dozed off. What was it you were saying?”

“Captain, we received a Government broadcast.”

“Excellent. Put it on screen, please.”

Once again the screen lit up and different newscasters were seen. This news report was very different from the previous one. According to Government sources, the protest was a violent insurrection that has touched off a civil war on the planet Hong Kong. Rebel forces opposing the government killed the brave ESS troops that tried to prevent mobs or protesters from killing innocent children. The video showed a space battle with local forces shooting down ESS troopships. The Sector Government was calling for all navy ships to return to base to help to put down this insurrection.

“Did we receive any navy messages to return to base?” Captain Pigot asked the communication officer.

“No, sir. Not that we can find. Nothing official. There are some personal mail messages and the usual navigational beacon changes. One brief message mentions the satellite network going down for repairs. Nothing else, sir.”

“Thank you commander. Go ahead and log those messages. Notify me if you find anything else. I will be in my Ready Room XO you have the conn.” The captain got up from his chair and left the bridge.

....Glad you enjoyed the new Snippet from book 5 Insurrection.  Don't forget to catch the New Wilson Wednesday short story this Wednesday.  4/20/16

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