Sunday, April 3, 2016

One last Snippet before the New Book comes out later this week

Here is a little taste to hold you over until later this week. Look for the new book, Revolutionary to be out mid week.  Check this out.....

The ‘base’ already had anti-terrorism defensive measures like explosive barriers and blast shielding. His men had dug in some machine gun nests and put snipers up at key locations. The rear of the base was a sheer cliff with impassable ravines on all sides. There was no possible way for troops or vehicles to attack from that direction. His biggest worry was a frontal attack or an air assault.

“Sir, our spotters on the road have detected a column of vehicles approaching. They should be within range of us in about an hour.” Thanking his troop the Captain went to the makeshift command center they had created. The map on the wall showed where the vehicles had been spotted. Thankfully the local militia only had small arms and fighter aircraft. Empire law forbid heavy weapons like artillery and tanks. He and his men should have no problems holding this spot until the station could send help.

It was the explosion that changed that idea. A very large BOOM came from inside the compound. Rushing outside the Captain witnessed his two anti-aircraft batteries blowing up scattering flaming debris and live ammo everywhere.

The Captain began yelling to his troops, “we are under attack! Get into position.” There must be advance troops out there that the spotters missed. His men came running out of the barracks and jumped into the defensive trenches they had dug. The trench on the left exploded into flame, several of his men staggered out of the inferno on fire. They tried to crawl to safety but the combination of diesel fuel and thermite melted their bodies as it they had been made of wax. Horrified by what had happened to his men he missed the fact that the fuel truck was out of position and close to the gate. When it blew, the gate was shredded and now burning fuel had turned his defenses into cinders. The rest of his men, too afraid to use the trenches were taking up position inside the barracks and other buildings.

High above the ESS troops,  up on the water tower, sat Sergeant Yannos. His group had infiltrated the compound and taken up position. All it had taken was a few pounds of explosive to freak those boys out.

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