Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Here's a short Snippet From the New Book! Book 6

Not sure of the title yet, But I do Have Artwork that I will post before long. Here is a little taste, this hasn't been sent to the editor yet so excuse me if you catch a typo.

Inspired by Wilson, I put the twins in charge of the flight bays. My sister Minerva, the station head, had assigned a  few maintenance chiefs and some of the older war veteran crew members to give them a hand. The two look-alike young women had gotten a new admiration for the high speed of a fighter pilot. I guess I should thank Wilson for that. He did give them a ride they would not soon forget. It was either that or the swath the two were cutting through the pilots. They both had a hard time saying no to the cocky space jockey’s. They were a couple of little heart breakers.

Legation Station was officially assigned one Navy squadron of the newest space fighters. None of the Militia pilots had the advanced skills to pilot one however. We did have a remote control module, that when installed made the fighters un-piloted drones. The Militia had recruited a group of hot shot speed demon air car and taxi drivers to pilot those ships. Using computer interfaces they would ‘pilot’ from the relatively safe confines of the station. My own personal opinion was that if Wilson, my AI could pilot all of them by himself, then these ‘kids’ would be OK. The conversation that Wilson and I had following his admission to the practical joke he had played concerning the fighters was not pretty. I am not sure if he truly believes the threats that I have made to him, but he has been on his best behavior lately. He apologized to the ‘Twins” or the Double D’s as he called them. He laughed when he called them that. There is a joke there somewhere but my knowledge of the 20th century is lacking.

Besides the Navy fighters, we had Minerva’s former squadron quartered on the Station. The Silver Valkyries were made up of surplus Sky Sharks. Although not in command of the squadron anymore, Minerva kept her personal Starfury Mark IV on the station. The Militia had been very lucky to acquire the Sky sharks.The planets other squadron, made up of Fuglies, had returned to patrols on the far side of the planet. One of the tasks laid before Chief Engineer Tad was to build the Militia more fighters. In this corner of the galaxy, new fighters were a rarity, planets had to rely on Fuglies or armed freighters for defense. Pirate attacks were very common out here. Our intelligence group had uncovered the fact that the pirate attacks were not random, but part of an organization called the Cabal’s plan. This and other bits of information had helped to further the resolve of our planet’s leaders. This planet would no longer stand with the Empire. We would dissolve our relationship and go it alone, sort of.

The Revolution that I helped to start on Hong Kong, had spread to several of our surrounding neighboring systems. Many, agricultural planets like ours, were suffering under the yoke of corrupt and criminal Sector Governors.

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