Saturday, April 30, 2016

Here is an update of Book 6 and a small Snippet!

I got a little behind on my writing this week. I had family visiting and was unable to write more than a few words. The new book is just a tiny bit off schedule and still should be out mostly on time. I don't have a title yet, but I do have artwork that I will post when I get the title. Here is a little taste of things to come.....

“Sir, we have a serious problem!”

“Julius what is it Now? I am very busy here. The Navy is really pushing hard to get those new heavy cruisers allocated. We need tell our contacts to stall as much as possible. The new military budget should but the kibosh on that.”

“Sir, I just got word through our contact in the Colonial office. The Hong Kong system rebelled against Governor Norton and declared independence, per clause 35 in the Empire Charter! They arrested Norton and his aide on charges of mass murder and corruption!”

“WHAT! What did that idiot Norton do this time! How bad is this ?”

“It’s really bad Senator. Norton ordered the ESS to put down a farmer protest. About 20,000 farmers and supporters marched to the Sector Government offices to protest. The ESS opened fire and killed about half odd them. The local Militia shot down the ESS troopships then captured the Station and arrested Norton.”

The Senator sank into his chair. He buried his face in his hands for a moment. “By the Gods, what a cock-up! Tell me he followed orders and locked the sector communication grid down before his arrest.”

His aide pursed his lips and gave a slight shake of his head. “Not exactly sir. Norton locked the system down, but somehow a local news broadcast made it out along with a message from the ‘local’ government to spread the word. We only know about it because one of the ‘groups’ freighter's intercepted the message and sent a courier to us.” He glanced at his boss. Bracing himself he finished, “It is a pretty good bet that it made it out, Sir. I have heard from my contacts that about half the other systems surrounding Hong Kong have recalled their Senators and are protesting Norton’s actions.”

The Senator grew pale. “What a freaking nightmare! Wait….you said that he was arrested? Him and his aide?”

“Yes, Sir. The report I was given was that they were both alive and being held for trial.”

“Damn it! Check in with the ‘Wardens’ they need to know anyway. How much did Norton know?”

“Sir, must I talk to those,..people. Can’t I just send a message?”

“I know that they can be a little frightening but You have done nothing wrong. Everything with them must be done face-to-face.” The Senator paused. “You didn’t answer my question, what did Norton know?”

The aide shivered at the thought of even talking to the ‘Wardens of the Gate’, the protectors of the Cabal. “Sir, Norton was part of the pirate initiate. I think he received the latest updates so he may know everything but the inner files. His aide, Cole Whittier, he knows all the small details. He was the Governors financial aide. He can link the Cabal, to Norton.”

The Senator really hated incompetence. “Get our people on it, target the both of them before it is too late. Be sure to issue the other collateral damage orders too. We need to stay on top of this. Involving the Wardens would be…messy. Get to work!”


  1. I was just reading your last book and I was thinking that is Hong Kong is looking for fighters why not go to that junkyard on the station. I seem to remember that there were at least a few fighters and a stuka so why not buy and refit them? Just a thought.

  2. Thanks Bob! Good Idea. there may be a story there, and YOU get to be in it! Thanks for the comment glad you enjoyed the book. I am almost done with the new one, I got a little behind due to family visiting me. Look for it next week at the latest.

  3. NO problem I'm happy to help and the scene with the junk shop just cracked me up with the Dr. Who reference.