Tuesday, February 21, 2017

So many Books so little or no time!

A comment was made on the new post of chapter one. What now? That is a good question. I am assuming that Douglas wants to know what to read. I barely have time for books anymore but I can make some suggestions. Some few series by authors that i respect and adore whenever there is a new book out. Their books have molded my own writing for the better. Here is a few. No pressure. Theses are just my favorites and possibly some of yours!

 This is a good SF series by Mackey Chandler. He is not as quick as i am but his books are really good. April is a good intro to his series. Check it out here. 

This one is more of a science geek meets industrial espionage story. There are 4 books available now. The author is more well known for his Elle Donsai series but this one is good too. Check it out here.


This is one of my GO-To books for Fantasy and Paranormal. Its a series and it's not for the kiddies. The LGBT crowd would enjoy this one but it has lots of vamps, weres, fae, and demons in it. A series like the others it has 13 books in it. More for late night reading if you get my point. Check it out here.

If you think I write fast check out this man's books. The first series is 100 books long. He's been bundling them and does have two secondary series as well as stand alones in the pipe. Here are the first 4. 

Everyone needs a good Fantasy sometimes. This is the one I've read 3 or 4 or 12 times. I noticed there was a sequel out in preorder and jumped on it the other day. The author does a good Paranormal series too. Now if only i had time to read it. Check it out here.

I could go on for a while with authors I go too in a pinch for both inspiration and pure enjoyment. Most of my Readers already know Michael Anderle, but do you know Bradford Bates? Or C R Daems? or Kindal Debenham? Or Kennedy Hudner

Happy reading!

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