Friday, July 8, 2016

New Book! New Series! Familiar Faces! Shades of Learning is now Available!

The new book went live a few moments ago. 

An Exciting new Series Set in the Athena Lee Universe!

A New Heroine steps up to join the battle against the Cabal and The Ships of Old Earth!

The Galaxy is in turmoil. A new terror group calling themselves the Cabal is plaguing the galaxy. Former Imperial Navy Ensign Tisiphone thought returning home was going to be easy. Life on the farm was still incredibly boring. Her home planet is still recovering from the recent revolution. They have been attacked from space and thousands are dead. A new and effective Military is what they need. To be the best officer she can be she needs to go to the Academy first. Will the Cabal give her planet time to learn to combat them? Or will a new threat from Old Earth come into play?

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