Thursday, July 7, 2016

Here is the Last Snippet before the New Book comes out!


“Freddie here said he was given a task by the wardens. That is what the enforcers of the Cabal are called. Military Intelligence will want to talk to these four.”

“Tisiphone, we are pretty far out. The closest base is hundreds of miles away, you know that. Who would we call?”

I looked down at Artemis. “Should I call her? Can you give Merlin a heads up so she takes me seriously?” The cat nodded her head.

I pulled out the communicator that Commandant Yannos had given me. Lately I had been taking it everywhere with me. Punching in the number that she had given me I called Major Minerva Lee.

“Who are you calling Tisiphone?” Dad looked confused at the communicator I held.

The communicator came to life and a small hologram formed in the air above the device. “Cadet Tisiphone what can I do for you? It must be bad if you called me. Spit it out I’m extremely busy right now.”

“Sorry Major Lee. My roommate and I are out at my families farm for the weekend. We had a little scuffle with some criminals that my brother was involved with.”

“Get to the point here Cadet. I’m not hearing why you called me. Speed it up! That’s an order if you like.”

“Long story short my brother mentioned that he was hired by the ‘wardens’ to procure something.”

“Wardens? Damn. I thought we got rid of them. They are worse than cockroaches. Those we can find. Lock them up somewhere, including your brother. I will send a team down in a couple of hours. Thank you Cadet Tisiphone.” The hologram vanished. I looked to my left and my father just stood there with his mouth open.

“How… Why do you have the number of the orbital commander? She is practically the head of the Militia these days!

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