Friday, July 29, 2016

The book is now available....Finally -- Updated!!!

Sorry...the previous link was given to me by a friend. I posted originally with my my phone, which by the way sucks.  Amazon is being incredibly  slow in posting the book. it took 16 hrs for review and has been in "Publishing mode" for over 2 hours now. They aren't posting any links for me to use yet but you can find the book by searching amazon. A sure fire fail on their part today!  I changed the link so it works. Sorry for any problems anyone encountered.


  1. Link is broken it has;
    In front of the amazon URL. Was there suppose to be a redirect via

  2. I realized after the fact and I do apologize for it. I was using my phone to post and another reader sent me the link. I have changed the post and it now has correct links.