Saturday, July 23, 2016

Here is an Update of what I am working on.

   So far I am 20,000 words into the new Athena Lee book # 9. The working title I have for it is  -Prelude to War.  I'm  about at chapter 11-12 right now. My editors have got the previous 10 chapters and are working on them. I have the Artwork for the new cover but have yet to pass it off to my designer. He's an author too and is busy working on his new book. I will catch up with him this week and see it he has time to help. There is an Audio book now out for book 7 -the Martian Inheritance. It comes in at about 3 hours. I have paperback copies of the most recent Athena Lee book 8 available for those old school readers. Both of these were created so I could give them as Christmas gifts. But you guys can get them too. Not just me! LOL  The new book will be done soon. 
  Coming up later this year we have more Athena Lee Universe books, Tisiphone and the Catts will return. Someone has already noticed this but that storyline takes place about a book and a half behind the regular series.  In October I will release a Paranormal series just in time for Halloween. I have the artwork for that and will release the cover soon. Don't worry though. There will be lots of new Athena Lee books to come. In the future we will see a resolution to the Cabal issue, Irish pirates will return to cause havoc, and as a special treat we will see the Death of Buckley.

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  Later  - Scott

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