Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Here it is! The first Snippet from the Upcoming Book 9 of the Athena Lee Series.


So much has changed in my life over the past couple of years since my rescue. All I could think about were the shouting matches between father and me the day I left for the Academy. He kept yelling about my duty to the family and plans he had made for me. Even then I was independent. I threw it into his face that I was of age and on our planet a functioning adult. He could not stop me legally even if he tried. I remember boarding the shuttle and starting my big adventure. The second Interstellar War was still raging and officers were in demand. My training and interests were what directed me toward the Engineering program at the Academy. Unknown to Father when I completed my general education degree at the University I also completed a Mechanical Engineering degree at the same time. He did not think that women should be educated and payed very little attention to me at that time. I lived on campus so he was unaware of my interests. There was a bodyguard on campus for me but he was easily distracted by some of the athletics on campus. I graduated at the top of my class for both degrees. I did very little of the college experience that many talk about. My goal was to build a career doing something I enjoyed. I did not remember my real mother but I knew she had been someone in the diplomatic service to Mars. I wanted a real career, not just a minor post in the Militia.

The Navy recruiter must have thought he hit the jackpot when I walked into his office. I barely made the height requirement needed to enlist. It was when the Sergeant looked at my education and basic training that he started paying attention to me.

“So Ms Lee why do you want to enlist in the PPL Navy? I see from your Militia record that you have all the qualifications to excel as a foot soldier and logistics officer if these records are to be believed.”

“Sergeant I want to do more with my life than be Just a logistics officer, I want to go into space and excel. My college degree is almost in my hand.”

He was flipping through the hard copy reports looking for the college information. He found it just as I spoke.

“I am in the top percentile of my general studies degree and I will have a minor in Mechanical Engineering. I really want to complete the Engineering degree and maybe one day build beautiful things. I hope that the Navy can help me with that.”

The Sergeant raised his eyes up from the papers he clutched and just stated at me. “Ms Lee you are extremely qualified to join the Naval Engineering program. Where would you like to serve?”

I laughed to myself when I thought about my response to the recruiter’s question. They give every potential recruit that question but everyone gets assigned to ship duty. Everyone.

“Ambassador Lee? There you are! Please come inside. I have been searching all over for you. You are needed in the conference room.”

So much for peace and quiet. “Mr. Choy. I believe that I asked for an hour of peace this time. What is so urgent that you disturb my rest?”

“Ambassador you are needed for a meeting with both the Martian representative and the ambassador from New Texas. They have asked to see you urgently.”

“Fine, fine. I’m coming, keep your pants on.” That is something else. This job. It was not all dinners and shaking hands. Every overindulgent freighter captain that gets into trouble gives me a call. At all hours of the night. Not to mention all the diplomatic things this job comes with. I could kill my father for sticking me with this.

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  1. Can't wait for book 9. The Athena Lee Universe is getting quite interesting and complex but is very fun and entertaining. Lou