Thursday, September 28, 2017

Check out this from one of my Mentee's

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Prophecy. Bane or blessing? 

Alexi does not know which way to go. Everyone and everything is pulling at him. He thought achieving his goals of becoming an air Elementalist would be enough. Instead, people are trying to kill him! Between trying to dodge assassins and pass his third-year classes things are getting worse each day. Life has become pass or fail.


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    1. When i was very active on 20bksto50k (Facebook group) I picked up about 50 mentees. Defined as those that came to me for major advice and that kept in reasonable touch for more help. Of those original ones I have about 2. Around the first of the year I became involved with the group Phoenix Prime. They were in a writing competition and needed some help. Of that original group there are about 15 active members left. That group now acts as an Author Collective. publishing Anthologies and other joint projects. If you have a specific question you can ask me but jointing the 20bks group might be easier. It is open to any and all authors. thanks. Scott

  2. Picked up book on kindle unlimited. Looks good from the blurb. Hope it is good. Will report back if i like it. I am picky about what i read but i also have really bad taste some times and tend to like some books that are from new authors more than say authors that have a lot of books.