Sunday, September 3, 2017

Status Update. What I'm currently working on.

It's been a busy summer so far for me in Florida. My wife was out of town for three weeks leaving me alone with the Merlin the Cat. We survived and didn't burn down the apartment.

On the writing front I been busy. My co-writers and I have a few things in the pipeline as well as solo things from me. Taki Drake has a new Mini-Seris called the Familiar Trials coming out soon as well as Book 2 in the Standard of Honor series, Coven Codex. As we get closer to release we'll show the covers for those. Bradford Bates is ready to start his new collaboration this month. The working title is The Wild Hunt. The cover for that book is awesome! Cover designer Heather Hamilton-Senter has outdone herself this time.

I am in the middle of three works as well as several shorts. Space Cadets is about half done. Darkness revealed is only missing 3-4 chapters and should go up to amazon in a week or so. That leaves Alpha Class 3 as well as the newest Federal Witch book. I've started AC3 that's all I can say about it. The research for Fed Witch 6 is ready to go all I need to do is write the thing.

I have several shorts underway too. The Badger Hole Bar Universe has grown and several books will be explaining a few things. Including that meeting between Zhanna and Agatha. My fault on that one. I jumped the gun a bit and mentioned something in Night of the Unicorn that I wasn't supposed to. Taki had to write another chapter to explain it. Oops! And there will be cookbooks. and Christmas books. The only hint I have for those is this. Reindeer didn't fly until they met the Blackmore family!

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