Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Snippet Time! Check out this one from the upcoming Coven Codex


Every time that Zhanna looked at the seer, it was if her breath had caught in her throat. The weirdness of the reaction left the young woman feeling unsure and indecisive. Zhanna could feel the weight of the other woman’s gaze, insubstantial as it was. The witch knew that something was hanging over her head, waiting to crash down without warning.

Feeling like a frightened child, Zhanna was using any excuse to go or do something else. Anything at all, except sit down and have the discussion she knew was an inevitable future event.

<< I guess this means you’re afraid of ghosts! >> her familiar’s snarky voice said in her head.

<< Thanks a lot, Dascha. I’m nervous enough as it is that I would have expected you not to push me.>>

<< Sometimes, my fine witchy friend, you need to not take yourself so seriously. If it’s inevitable, it’s going to happen. If it’s not, it won’t. So, stop fretting yourself into a frazzle and do something useful here. After all, we are only here for a few days. >>

<< All right. I’ll try not to fuss about it. But if when I talk to her, she tells me that I’m doomed for some bizarre reason, I’m blaming you. >>

<< It’s always the familiar's fault. I guess it’s just a cross I will have to bear. >>

Their internal discussion was interrupted when Mikhail walked into the room and glanced around. “Zhanna! Just the person I wanted to see. I think we have a place to explore for other possible weapons. I can’t be sure, but there is a rather peculiar ghost that keeps zipping in front of me and heading toward a building we haven’t looked through yet. It’s wearing all sorts of body weapons, and I can’t conceive of what other reason it would have to try to get me to follow it.”
Zhanna jumped to her feet and started toward Mikhail without hesitation. “Then let’s go see what this ghost wants. If it’s trying to show us a source of additional firepower, then, by all means, we should look into it.”

<< Coward! >>

<< Shut up, Dascha! You are the one who said if it’s inevitable, it will happen no matter what I did. This way I’m not sitting around and fussing or worrying. >>

<< Humph! >>

As fast as Zhanna was heading for the door with Mikhail, she wasn’t any faster than her familiar. The three of them, two humans and a cat, quickly exited the room.

In the quiet of the suddenly empty room, Pavel turned to Oleg and said, << I truly hope that they aren’t going into the Combat Mage building. >>

<< The description of the ghost could not be anyone but Larissa, even if the man did not notice the gender of the specter. If so, they’re going to be in for some rude surprises. >>

<< Do you think we should warn them? >>

<< Not really. They’re never going to learn to grow up if you keep holding their hand. >>

<< I suppose you’re right. However, we do want them to continue to be alive, right? >>

<< It might be a good test of how much the girl has learned. Wouldn’t that make lots of sense? >>

<< Absolutely. >>

In the quiet room, two partially visible specters exchanged wide and gleeful grins, looking like two little boys waiting for a treat.

This was going to be interesting!

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