Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Here is the first Snippet for The Federal Witch Book 1 -Conjuring Quantico

 I’m sure I will be visited by the FBI administrator again.”

“Ouch. He hates you! Ever since you left him hanging upside down up in the air last year.”

“Yeah, I know. No he retired or transferred. Something. We have a new one. A woman this time, SAC Mills. The other agents say she is hell-on-wheels but I have yet to meet her. I’m pretty sure she will make her presence known before too long.”

Cat shook her head. “This year will be nothing like last year. We have weapons training, physical fitness training, and law enforcement classes. Fun!”

“You just want to get all sweaty with the coaches and the other Were’s. I know how you operate, Cat. How was your Winter?”

“It was great. There was a pack gathering in the Black Hills. The Native tribes allowed us to use their territory for a mass hunt and cookout. Over twenty packs participated. It was so awesome!”

“That sounds like fun. How did your pack get permission to use the land? They don’t let just anyone do that.” We had learned all about the tribal system and how reservation law worked in our history classes last term. Cat’s pack was one of the oldest in the country. It didn’t surprise me she used information she learned here.

She smiled at me. “We made a deal. Father worked it out with them but they seemed happy afterward.”

Her father was the Beta in the pack. She got much of her business sense and attention to detail from him. “Did you take any pictures?”

“Of course? How could I not. I know how much you like new places.” She reached into her ever present backpack and pulled out a large fat envelope. We sat and giggled like little girls for over an hour as she related her stories about the trip. The pictures were awesome.

“Cat, do you have a car this year? I ask because I need to check my lab then get some food. The cafeteria is closed today.”

She made a face. “I forgot to get snacks. We can borrow Chuck’s car. Dad said I didn’t need it this year too many chances for trouble.” She put the pictures away and picked up her backpack. I stood up and walked over to my desk.

“Fergus? You coming?” I peered down into his toy barn and stall. I opened the small red door and a sound maker made a mooing noise.

“Hey! Naked Unicorn here! Can’t a man have a moment’s peace?”

“Fergus you are always naked. Are you coming with us or not?”

“Not, my shows on and I’m going to watch it in peace.” I had to laugh. We saw the toy barn at a store that Cat took us to. I had never been inside a department store before. Fergus saw it and thought it was perfect for him to live in. When it came time to get a phone he got one too. He used his as a television in what he called his crib. Already he was watching too much TV. The show he liked was a cartoon about ponies.

“Hey, Chuck says get you stuff he will drive us over to your lab.” Cat was standing in the doorway tapping her wrist.

“See you later Fergus. I guess I won’t bring you back some of that hybrid hay you like so much.” I smiled that will get him.

“Hay? I can watch the girls anytime. Wait for me!” The pocket sized Unicorn opened his barn door to the sound of Mooo! He trotted across the desk and into my hand. I placed him in my shirt pocket. I have the pockets lined with kevlar to prevent him from filling me with holes. That horn of his is sharp.

It was the evening before the first day of classes so everyone was out blowing off a little pre-school jitters. Or as much as you can do on a Military base that wasn’t exactly open to FBI students. We could hit the commissary and the PX but that was about it. If you obtained a pass you could use the small beach facilities but most of the coastline was for the Marine corp training and exercises. Volley ball and Frisbee golf seemed to be the games of the evening. Chuck was standing next to his car waiting for us.

“Hello, again Chuck! Thanks for doing this.”

“You’re welcome Agatha but you know how it is. When your boss asks you to do something, you sort of have to do it.”

That is true. Cat might be a tiny slip of a girl but her were-form was awesome. She was Alpha material and most of the Weres on campus knew it. Chuck made the mistake of challenging her last term and now he’s her bitch! I had to laugh. That fight was a real eye-opener into the world of the Weres. Many of the big strong men all cringed like little girls when she almost bit off his fun-bits.

Chuck held open the door and I climbed into the back seat. I usually ride shotgun but this was a matter of ranking and position. Cat took that seat. I was just about settled when Fergus started up.

“By all that is holy! It smells like a Cat-house in here! I gave up pony play for this? Ugh. The smell is in my mouth! Make it stop.”

“Fergus be quiet. The car belongs to Chuck. You remember Chuck don’t you?”

“Chuck… Big. Really big cat shifter? That Chuck?”

“Yes. That Chuck.”

“Hehehehehe Chuck. How’s the nuts feel buddy? Glad you still have them?” So much for Fergus’s fear of Cats.

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