Friday, September 2, 2016

Here's snippet #2 for the upcoming new Book 10 -War to the Knife!

The large troopships settled into place on the landing field. The three enormous ships were of a new design for Earth. Special ramps and exits would allow the four Delta Divisions to unload at breakneck speeds. Armored vehicles and tanks began rolling down the ramps.

Delta 2955 watched as his troops marched down the ramp and secured the area. Shots began to ring out as the recon teams encountered survivors of the attack or civilian workers.

“Sir, we need some of those humans!”

The Delta commander gave the Zeta a funny look. “Our sensors show several hundred million of the vermin here on the planet. There will be some left for you. Don’t worry. My men have had a long trip and need to blow off some steam.”

“Sir, my orders from the Alpha is to begin setting up the first of the extermination camps. Can your men clear us an area for that?”

Checking the map he pointed to a spot next to the main terminal. “Here. Will this suffice?”

The Zeta looked at the map and smiled. “Yes, Sir. It is close to the main terminal and is nothing but concrete. Little chance for escape. How soon can it be cleared?”

“We will hunt down the vermin for you. Yes, we will save some for you to play with. Moving the aircars and debris is your job not mine.”

“Understood. I will draft some of the Gamma’s for that. They need to check for new tech anyway.”

The Delta nodded his consent. He like many in his command may not like the Zeta’s but they were very practical. More and more armored vehicles rolled off the big ships. This was their planet now and they intended to stay.

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