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Snippet time again #5 from the upcoming Conjuring Quantico

“Agatha snap the hell out of it! It’s not your fault this time. How were you to know they were behind you?”

“Fergus I should have checked. Magnus always said to cast a reveal spell before attempting any diagnostic of any kind. I didn’t do one first!”

“Magnus? Which one was he?”

“He was the first trainer remember, the one with the funny white hair?”

“Are you sure he wasn’t the one with the hooked nose?”

“No, that was Erik. He was the German one. Magnus was the guy with the funny accent who always called me Missy.”

“I think you’re wrong. The Missy guy was the Texan. Mannerly or something like that. He didn’t stay very long.”

That is the problem right there. The Witch Council promised the FBI as part of the deal they made to allow me to join. They would send trainers to fix my magical problem because all the FBI had on staff were mercenaries. I kept breaking them. They gave me conflicting instructions or approached my problem the wrong way. None of them were actually injured, except for that one guy. Brady something. How was I to know the bridge by the highway had an actual troll living under it. I have to agree with Fergus, though. He did look pretty funny being chased across the front lawn by a large hairy beast. My magic was broken. I can do little stuff but anytime I try a large spell or something off-the-cuff there is a fifty-fifty chance of something unusual happening. That is what happened today.

“Agatha cast the spell exactly as I have written.”

“But, Sir. Shouldn’t I cast a reveal spell first? I really should check first.”

“Young lady! You will do as I have asked or I will tell the Witch Council you are refusing to cooperate. Now do as I say! Cast the spell.” The instructor’s name was Montgomery. Not Monte and definitely not Gomer. He resembled that old guy from the first Dinosaur movie. The one about the theme park.


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