Friday, September 9, 2016

Here is Snippet #4 From War to the Knife - Athena Lee Book 10

Yes, I'm still working on it. Still on target for a September Release of War to the Knife. The Witch book was just a minor break and something different to work on.  Look for that series in October. Now Enjoy this snipp of things to come.

The Alpha looked at the Theta clone. “How goes your operations?”

Theta 100 looked toward his commander. “Sir. The operation goes well. We have already processed three-hundred thousand of the cities refugees. We have begun construction of three more centers. Another one nearby, one in the mountain region to assist the Delta’s, and the third near the industrial complex.”

“Excellent. What of the intelligence gathering operation?”

“The civilian population are sheep they follow but have little time to understand how their government even works. It’s fascinating really. How can a people not understand the workings of their own government? As this was the government center we are finding a low percentage of trained military. Cadets and retired officers is what are turning up.”

“Do not use the cadets for breeding stock! You will only ferment revolution and strife.”

“Of that we agree. All military are drained then exterminated. We have the last war on Earth to use as an example of how far we can trust these humans.”

The Alpha glanced at the Zeta sharply. He tended to forget that the Zetas took part in that conflict. “What did they do?”

“As you may already know the conflict was over control. The human leaders of the Program wished to remain in charge. The clone program was in its infancy. The Program wished for the Gen-mods to take the place of its creators and run control all operations. The humans rebelled. The Gen-mods were split down the middle as to who should rule. As the war raged the treacherous humans began to lose. As their deaths approached they took on a scorched earth approach to warfare. If they couldn’t have it no one would. Our industrial nodes burned along with all the educational resources. It was years before we could regain any terrestrial industry. Only our space-based industry survived.”

The Alpha nodded his head. Asking questions of the Council of Ten was not encouraged. Hearing it first hand was a bonus.

“After the dust settled. The decision was made to eliminate humans as a race. A breeding stock was retained. This was not for them but as raw material for the Thetas. Sometimes new genes are needed to improve our lines. We have already found enough to use here.”

“Keep up the good work. If you or your commander need something let me know. Before we start construction of the new Theta facilities we need to eliminate all threats.”

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