Monday, September 5, 2016

Status update: What am I working on today

So, I thought it was time for an Update of what I am working on. War to the Knife is coming along well.  I have 17,000 words completed with 8 chapters done. The cover is done early for a change. Expect it in maybe two weeks. Lots of battles to write still. The Cabal is going down. Count on it. Moving on. The first book of the Federal Witch is due mid October (at the request of my wife). So that is my next project. After that we will roll straight into Book 2 of AL Universe otherwise know as Space Cadets. We get to see what happens when a tech-head, a Soldier, and a CATT end up as Interns on Freedom Station. I have a  mock up of the cover on my Goodreads Page if anyone wishes to see it. Goodreads is kind of fun. I like to post stuff there first before the Blog so it can be a good place for special updates. After that expect another Athena. I really want Book 11 out before the end of the year. Next year there will be lots of new things. More Athena, More Wilson, and More CATTs. Plus a few more .... Now back to work.

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