Monday, September 12, 2016

Snippet #5 From War to the Knife the Upcoming Book 10 of the Athena Lee Chronicles

Minerva closed her eyes and said a prayer for the needless deaths. “Merlin, is there a priest on the station?”

He opened his eyes just a slit. “Yes, Father Kluski is performing a wedding in the chapel tomorrow. He is staying in the chapel quarters section.”

“Thank you.” She stood up from her chair and stepped out of her office. Merlin was right on her heels. He was one of her bodyguards after all. The other guards fell in line as she passed through the office.

The Chapel on Freedom station was a new addition. It was built where the former Mile High Club had been located. The panoramic views of the system were still there but interspersed with stained glass representations of the Gods. It was very beautiful. No one religion used it exclusively. The Neodruids preferred to use their groves but occasionally held services here. Father Kluski was a regular visitor. The Pastafanarians on board the Station enjoyed his services.

Faint music was playing in the background as Minerva entered the chapel. Wedding decorations covered the pews. Someone was going all out. “Father Kluski?”

The portly man emerged from behind the altar with a smile on his face. Minerva explained her issue and quietly asked for forgiveness and asked for a blessing. She was not a strong believer but just being heard was enough. As she stood to leave Father Kluski tossed a handful of noodles at her and cried “Ramen!”

The CATT looked at her funny as they walked back to the office. “Did that make you feel  better?”

“Surprisingly it did. His only advice however was to travel to the Factory shrine and ask for absolution.”

The CATT giggled. Minerva stopped suddenly and stared at the Robot. One of her human bodyguards almost crashed into her. “You have to explain this time. Why do you find that funny?”

If a CATT could make a shrugging motion that was what he made. “In your office please.”


Back in her office she confronted the CATT again. He chuckled and told her a story about a practical joke gone wrong.

Her office staff just stared at the door as howls of laughter could be heard from the office of the commander.

*** The Back story for this little scene was a short story called "He Boiled for you and Me" that can be found in the Collection of Tales called "Wilson's War"

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