Saturday, September 24, 2016

Snippet Time! Here is #4 from Book 1 -Conjuring Quantico

They set up a command center in the parking lot of the complex. The forensics van and techs couldn’t be hidden this time. The news media swarmed like bee’s to honey outside the walls. Cat and I sat watching the circus from outside the command center. So far they had excluded us. I suspected that we would be included eventually. At least they had food. I knew Fergus was hungry.

“It’s about damn time you remember to feed the Unicorn! I could have starved to death in your pocket. Look I’m already wasting away!” He was turning his head and trying to see his backside.

“You can afford to lose a little weight. You’ve had too many pizza parties with Chuck.”

The mini Unicorn put his nose in the air and snorted. “I have no idea what you are talking about.”

“So you deny ordering Pizza and salad from that place in town. What is it called? Anchors a Weigh? Shall I call your little girlfriends Jody and Ann and tell them no more orders?”

“How did you know about Anchors a Weigh?” He was peering up at me.

“The empty pizza and salad boxes were a bit of a giveaway but it was Grams who ratted you out. Pretty sneaky charging it to your phone bill. She said to tell you  a chef salad three times a week is not a long distance call. She said if you want to keep doing that you have to call her and ask permission each and every time from now on.”

“Sorry, but I was hungry.” He hung his head and then looked up at me with puppy-dog eyes.

“Not falling for it this time mister.”

“Wait, is that how Chuck has been getting all the pizza? I’ve smelled it on him and couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.” Now Cat was staring at him too.

“Fergus I bring you plenty of hay and other things that Unicorns are supposed to eat. Not Chef’s salads and pizza!”

“Hey, bro’s before ho’s!”

“Eat your salad. We will talk about this later when we get home.” He turned away from us and pretended he didn’t hear me anymore. Unicorns.

“Hey Aggy?”

I looked away from Fergus. Cat was staring at our Suburban, several people were peering in the windows.

“Did you secure the car like last time?”

“I did. This should be fun to watch.” Cat nodded.

The first applicant tried the door handles to see if they were locked. He tried all four doors and the rear hatch. He even checked the skylight to see if it was open. With his companions acting as lookouts he pulled out a lock-pick and tried to pick the lock. I laughed when after a moment one of his companions had to shake him.

“Are you going to let them get away?”

“Let who get away?”

We both looked up and said in unison. “Hi Nita.”

“Who are you letting get away?”

Cat pointed at the car. “Those guys.”

Before she could yell I waved my hand and said. “Frjósa” The two men froze in the act of running away.

Nita looked down at us as we ate our food and laughed. “You two are a laugh riot.”

“We were hungry.”

“Is it just the three of them?”

“So far. Want to wait for more guys?”

“No, let me call it in. Can’t take you anywhere.”

I looked over at Cat. “Still want to be an FBI agent?”


Real quick status update. I'm working on Chapter 13 and I have over 42,000 words written for the new book. I shooting for an early Release (like first week of October) date. I pushed up the timeline a bit. Thanks.

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