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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Snippet #2 from Book 1 of the Federal Witch Series - Conjuring Quantico

SAC Mills strained her eyes to see inside the wall that suddenly appeared between her and the Witch. She shook her head. It may have been a mistake to send in troops to break in. Her predecessor really had left garbled instructions regarding the witch student. Her bosses had left instructions too. Test the witch. Her only experience with magic had been with the Mercenaries that the FBI hired. This girl was something else.

“Happy with yourself?” The Special agent looked behind her. A slim young looking girl stood behind her. She was pointing at the Witch. “You do realize that if you get Agatha killed before she finishes her training the Witch Council will most likely never work with you again. No matter how much you beg.”

Studying the girl the Special agent asked who she was.

“I’m Agatha’s roommate. Catherine Moore, nice to meet you. So what happened to piss-boy? He retire?”

Piss boy? “Did you know the former Director?”

“Sort of. He tried to have Agatha killed on her first day at school. He claimed it was all a misunderstanding but she had him upside-down fifty feet in the air for over an hour. Scared the piss right out of him!”  Cat was peering at her roommate through the shield.

“Chuck? Go make sure those three idiots don’t have an escape route.” The giant man standing behind the small girl walked over to the Merc’s car and casually ripped the doors and tires off it.

Madeline swallowed and looked back at Cat. “He’s handy to have around.”

“He is, isn’t he. Get ready, Agatha has them on the run.” The three men were now trying to hide behind the MP car and were tossing all sorts of spells at her. Agatha was still responding with fireballs. The men suddenly ducked down low as she fired one off. She quickly tossed a blue ball that froze the entire area, including the three merc’s. Suddenly the shield dropped and Agatha Blackmore stepped over to her friend.

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