Thursday, September 29, 2016

Time for a Snippet! 06 from Book 1 of the Federal Witch

Two of the larger agents took the man in tow and went to his office. Nita looked over at me. “Agatha would you do that diagnostic spell of yours and check the warehouse and offices? See if there is anything out of order around this place. Cat tag along with her and check for unusual smells, as well.”

As we headed into the warehouse proper Cat mentioned that she didn’t what us to be Team “scratch and smell.”

I sank into my meditation and cast the diagnostic spell again. This time small spikes of magic lit up around the small factory. With Cat in tow we poked and prodded the machinery and molding systems. I found small traces of magic and what might be called a whiff of a psychic trail that I followed back to the owners office.

Nita and some of the forensic techs were there along with Mr Dawn.

“So you don’t remember anything about the man that ordered these?” Nita waved the pictures at the Herman again.

“Well, no. He was only here three times. The first to place the order and later to pick it up. He came by when we first started to press the molds. It was quality control is what he said.”

“So three times and you can’t describe him? Is that what you are saying Herman?”

Herman shook his head and repeated his answer.

“What about the cameras? Did they get a picture of him?” I was looking at the hidden camera inside the picture on the wall.

“Cameras? What cameras?” Nita looked at Cat and I.

“Behind you, in the picture.”  One of the techs lifted the picture of an older woman off the wall. Embedded in the frame was a small multi-angle camera lens.

Nita looked at us and smiled. “Thank you Agents.”

She called us Agents which made my day. The whole experience back at the Academy had made me hypersensitive when it comes to cameras.  I looked for them everywhere.

“Where’s the receiver and memory storage Herman?”

The man sighed and pointed at the potted plant next to the door. “Look under the plant.”

“Herman, Herman, Herman we were just looking for the statues but now we need to see what else you have cooking around here. Naughty naughty.”

That reminded me. “Agent Lawson, we found spell traces in the warehouse but most of them are small equipment tweaks and repairs that are benign at best. I followed a magical trail that had a familiar psychic scent into this office.”

“What is it?”

“I’m not sure. It started at the molding machines and runs back to this room. I need to run another spell.”

“Do we need to clear the room?”

“I don’t think so. I’ve gotten better at the spell.” I slipped back into my trance and triggered the spell. I was starting to run out of salt, its a good thing I brought almost fifty pounds of it with me.

“There is traces of whatever it is in the room but the strongest is coming from under his desk. I think there is a floor safe or a hole of some-kind under there.”

The desk was moved and carpet ripped up. Set into the floor was a small metal door with a digital lock embedded into it.

“OK Herman. Give us the combination.”

He shook his head and replied. “No more help.”

The techs told Nita they could drill the lock but the best way would be to remove the whole safe. That would take anywhere from hours to days to get inside.

“Cat, can you give it a try?”

We all watched as my roommate, this little slip of a girl walk over to the safe grab the handle and give it a jerk. The door of the safe came off in her hands with a loud clang. She handed it to one of the techs who had taken a huge step back from her.

“Thank you. Agent Moore.” Cat gave Nita the cutest smile.

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