Thursday, May 26, 2016

Time for another Snippet from the Upcoming Book 7

Status report I am about 15,000 words into the new Athena Lee book. I am looking  at mid to late next week to release this one. I already have cover art. The book is about half done.  Here is a little snippet to help hold you over. Enjoy:

 What in the nine hells is going on?

“Major Niers? Can I speak to you please?”

The large man left the stern of the ship and came forward. “Did you call me Sir?”

“Yes, Peter, I tried contacting Senator Colman. His office is gone and according to the Senate Offices, the Senator and his family was killed in an air car crash! Do you know what is happening?”

The big man had been the Commodore’s ‘minder and fixer’ for many years. Unlike the Commodore, Peter had been groomed and specially trained for his position. He had lived and breathed the Cabal his whole life. The Commodore had been brought in for a specific reason and although his family had been members, they had fallen out of favor. Those who seek revenge are easily manipulated.

“Sir, I think that the ‘group’ may be cleaning house over this Hong Kong debacle. The Senator may have broken one of the primary rules. Only something like that causes complete erasure.”

“Erasure? Do you mean they killed them all on purpose? The senator had been a member for ever, his own father was a founder!”

“Sir, the rules are there for a reason. You should know that by now.”

“What about us? Will they hunt us down too? Where can we go? I can try calling one of …”

The Major grabbed him by his arms and shook him. “Calm the Frak down, Sir!” The Major just shook his head. This assignment was turning out to be a real cluster-frak.

“Sir, if they wanted us dead, we would be dead. Now, stop calling the planet. Sergeant PĂ©tursson?”


“Contact orbital control and cancel our landing position. File a new flight plan to the Rus sector. Once we leave orbit and are beyond pursuit range, change coordinates and take us the Mars Colony, Sol system, Sector 1.”

“Sol system Sir? That is a long jump Sir!”

“Yes, plot it now! We have supplies enough to get there, just barely.”

“Major, Peter. Why Mars colony?” The commodore looked puzzled.

“Mars is the only place that we can run to with almost guaranteed safety. The Cabal has a mission base there to. We really are everywhere. It is more of neutral ground than anything. The local laws are very restrictive. Make sure you read the highlights before we get there. The best part is no extradition. Total freedom, just obey the local laws.”

“OK, Peter. You have not steered me wrong yet.” The commodore leaned back in his chair and stared out the porthole into the nothingness of space.

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