Monday, May 9, 2016

Here is a snippet from the New Book!

I still don't have a name for the book yet. Feel free to give me suggestions if you like. But, I do have a snippet I can post. Remember this take place on Earth during the colonization phase.


He had seen, on the vid, that robotic drones operated by ‘suspected’ terrorists were still rampaging across Europe. Those stupid frakking Military leaders thought those remote operated drones were such a good idea. “It will save human lives.” Sure save them so the out of control robots could kill them! At least in this country they melted all those things down. Or at least they said they did. Whatever happened to the ‘good ol’ USA? Eddie could, barely, remember a time when the power worked and hulking robots weren’t trying to kill you. He really wished that him and Ann could just leave. Leave Atlanta, leave the US, leave the planet!

Those rich dudes had the right idea a few years ago. He just watched that vid last night, as a matter of fact. Have to hand it to American ingenuity. It was one of our scientists that built the first Boron-fusion drive. She named it after her favorite vid star, calling it the Doohan drive. It wasn’t too long before explorer ships were leaving Earth’s space stations in search of planets to colonize. At least those the damn terrorists didn’t shoot down. That was when the US stopped most of the local cybers. The war moved into space and for some reason the damn hackers were easier to track down. Lots of people with big money took a chance and left the Earth. Several dozen big religious groups built ships and just left. Quite a few groups of celebrities, who knew those people had that much money, up and left too. It was nice, sometimes, to think that out there is space there were groups of movie stars, computer geeks, and famous talk radio guys. It wasn’t too long until the American Government started building the big ships too. They sent quite a few groups of  troublemakers off planet. It was actually cheaper than just locking them up. Not really sorry to see those religious nuts and survivalists go away. They are still sending ships out. A few reported back to say that colonies had been founded and they started to send back resources that the US really needed. It opened up lots of opportunities for jobs on Earth and out in space.

Eddie heard a shuffling outside his door. He ran over to the door, grabbing his baseball bat off the table. He stood to the side of the door and cried out, “Who is it?”

“It’s me, honey. The sky is blue, now let me in.”

Hearing the all safe code words Eddie let his wife Ann inside. You really could not be too careful these days. Especially when the power was off. That is when the real monsters came out to play.  He hugged his wife to him. “Hi, honey, did you have a good day?”

Ann removed her coat revealing a knife strapped to her waist. She took it off and laid it on the table for easy reach. Ann looked at the oil lamps casting a dull orange glow across the room. Eddie had fixed dinner and already set the table. The flickering light cast muted shadows across the table making the shadows dance on the walls.

“Ed, I have really good news! We might have a chance to get out of here.”

Coming out of the bedroom Eddie looked questioningly at his wife. “Out of this apartment? Did someone at work die?”

She chuckled. Someone dying was pretty much the only way to get a new apartment these days. “No, the Government has a new program. Since I already work for them I qualify. Honey, we can be colonists! We have a chance to leave the planet.”

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