Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Here is the Cover of the New Book!

This is the cover of the New Book. The Lost Pilot aka Sam's Book. This one is a bit of a prequel to the series. It covers the exodus from Earth and Sam's experience. The time period is more than a hundred years in the past. The Art was done by Scott Richard Check out his other stuff HERE!


  1. Where and how do you get your cover art? Just one or different folks on deviantart? Are you paying the artists?

  2. I have 2 artists so far that I work with. I do pay them for use of the art. If you look at some of the previous posts, when I show a new cover I plug the artist and include a link to his gallery. They are both brilliant digital artists. The new artist that I have is making me a Anime inspired cover for the upcoming Wilson book, out in June BTW. I met her at the ST Louis Anime convention last weekend and contracted with her for the artwork to use as a cover. With any covers you must pay the artist. The first 3 book covers came from a service called Dreamstine, my designer then made the covers for me.