Sunday, May 22, 2016

Here is the first NEW snippet from Book 7 of the Athena Lee Chronicles!

Enjoy it!

The club had a huge mirror ball in the ceiling that was throwing flashing lights and sparks in every direction.

“Athena, how did you get tickets to this place? I heard from one on my Marines this is the hottest new club on the planet!”

“Dar I just knew someone.”

“You have to tell me who! Just the tickets would have been enough, but the private box and all the free drinks? Hon, who do you know to do something like this?” I grabbed her arm and dragged her back to the VIP section. We had a private booth and our own waiters.

I pushed her down on the bench, and gave her a big kiss. Wrapping my arms around her shoulders I gave her a big hug. “Thanks for looking out for me. This club is owned by the author of those new business books that everyone is talking about? The guy that somehow screwed that publishing company over?”

“I remember that guy. It was on the news Vid how nobody knows who he is.”

“Yeah, him. He gave me the tickets and arranged for all this. The employees here are in awe that we ‘know’ the guy that employs them. No one here has ever met him.”

“Who the hell is this guy? If he’s tries something you will tell me right? I mean…”

I started laughing. My big protective teddy bear. I leaned over and gave her another toe curling kiss. I put my lips next to her ear and whispered. “It’s not like that. You know him too.”

She pulled back from me and stared incredulously at me. “I do?”

I settled her back down and continued to whisper. “I’m surprised you did not figure it out. The Author and owner’s name is Wilson Theai.”

“Theai? What kind of name is that?”

I laughed again. “Think about it, sweetie.”

He face got all scrunched up as she thought about it, then she froze and looked at me. “No! Really?”

“He told me that he got the credits for the club from a project that he had. You know how he is. He won’t answer most questions.”

“But how? He has to talk and communicate with inspectors and officials. How did he hire all these people?”

“He does this hologram  that is pretty impressive, everything else can be done by vid. I mean, he did it didn’t he.”

Dar started laughing with me. “Only you Athena. Only you could have a AI that opened his own Disco club!”

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