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New Jack Dalton book is up in Pre-Order

As I discussed in the author notes in the back of Book 7, Blood on the Moon, I'm starting a monthly series. A serial called Jack Dalton, Monster Hunter. This will chronicle the life and career of Agatha's trainer and mentor. It's a period series set in the later 1950s through the 1970s. Each month I will release the new book on the 1st. Then, on the third Wednesday of the month it will be available to be read for FREE here on this website. But only for one day and only here. After that it will be available for purchase. And it's not exclusive to Amazon only. Readers can find THIS series on Kobo, Apple, Smashwords, and other places. Should be a lot of fun. Expect cameos from many well known Federal Witch characters. 


  1. Hi I just wanted to make a comment that:
    I was just recommending the Athena Lee to someone when I realised that it was no longer on Kindle Unlimited which probably means that that person will not read it now.
    I wanted to suggest that you review your pricing for that series.

    I love the series but will not buy it because the price per page is way too high.

    When In first picked it up I bought the first book because the price looked cheap and I did not realize how short it was and after realizing how short the books were I would not have read the series if it was not on Kindle Unlimited due to the fact I could buy books from other authors that were 3x as long.
    I mean look at book 2 it is £2.99 for 83 pages that is way too over priced I can buy books of 300 pages for less then that.

    In my opinion a good price is about £1 per 100 pages and if the Athena Lee series was priced as such I would immediately buy the entire series as I love it.

    I apologise if this offends you and am hoping that you will bring out more main series and cadets series books soon but if the prices are the on the same level and they are not on Kindle Unlimited I probably won't end up reading them much as I love the series.

    1. Just as an example Jonathan Moeller's new book Sevenfold Sword: Necromancer is £2.75 for 547 pages

  2. Any of the New Athena Lee books that come out will be in KU (Kindle Unlimited) this year, 2018. But I took the older ones out of KU for the simple reason of reaching more readers. The bad thing about KU is that it's an Exclusive program. For authors this means we are restricted from putting our work on any other service other than amazon. If we do and we get caught our accounts are forfeit. and since Amazon is 80% of the market... Well you see my point. Athena Lee's been in KU for almost 2 yrs. In December I allowed it to slide out of the program and placed it on Apple, Nook, Kobo, and a few others. While sales on those services are not as strong as Amazon, I have readers and fans on them. In fact I have numerous letters from the past couple of years bitching at me for being amazon exclusive. I can't have it both ways. However, because they are not exclusive I do run more sales on them. I will post those here and on the Facebook page. And there are new books coming. Book 11 is underway as is the second book in the new Smuggle Life series, which is in KU. The Federal Witch Series is almost completely in the program with no plans to remove it.

    1. Just out of interest since you have the omnibus editions wouldn't it be possible to have those available on other platforms but have the individual books on Kindle Unlimited?

  3. That's a no go with Amazon since they contain the same material. The most you can share with a potential other service or site is 10%. Interestingly enough though if I had them translated into Spanish or any other language I could do that.


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