Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Is that a Snippet? Here is the first peek at what i'm working on.

Here is the first look at the new book. With a working title of  "An Unexpected Life" the new book is all about Minerva Lee, Athena's big sister. She is a central figure in both series. But being the kick-ass military commander that she is today is not what she had planned. Not really....


I caught a gleam of light in the distance. Turning my head I could just see the beginnings of the first ship moving out under it’s own power. For all that the terrible things that crazy Russian did to this planet those ships will help. It was nice of him to leave them here. There was a knock on my door and I spun around to see who would dare to disturb me.

“Major Lee? You are needed in the control room.” The speaker was one of the new lieutenants. His name was on the tip of my tongue but I couldn’t place him. We have a great many new officers.

“I believe that I left instructions I was not to be disturbed.” My tone was very dangerous. This kid was treading in deep and dangerous waters.

“Ma’am, I was told to come and get you. The shipyard sent a messenger and groundside command has been calling.”

“What part of do not disturb me did you not understand?” Now I was mad.

“Ma’am, the other officers…”

“I don’t freaking care what the other officers want! When I say give me an hour I mean give me and HOUR! What is your name?” I could feel the blood rushing toward my cheeks and my muscles were tensing up. The lieutenant was frozen to the floor in fear.

“I’m waiting? What is your NAME?” Now I was shouting. They could probably hear me down in waste disposal. Hmm that was where I would send him.

“Ma’am, my name is Lieutenant Hitashi Leveck.” The kid looked like he was about to faint.

“Lieutenant Leveck, who sent you in here?”

“Ma’am, the duty officer sent me.” I just glared at him and made a come on motion with my hands.

“Uh, that would be Commander Phon who gave me the orders.”

“Here is what you will do for me Lieutenant Leveck. You will inform Commander Phon that he is the new waste management officer for this station. The current officer down there has been trying to transfer out for years but there hasn’t been any replacements. Since Commander Phon has shown how well he follows my orders maybe he will learn something down there. You, will inform him of his new position and tell the rest of those slackers out there that I have thirty more minutes of my personal time left. It anyone else disturbs me, including you, I will reassign them to something worse! Understand me, Leveck?”

“Yes, Ma’am.” He saluted and scurried out of my office. I could hear raised voices that penetrated the door but no one else entered. There was a faint Meow and I looked over at my desk. Merlin the CATT was staring at me.

“I assume from that look that you sent the transfer orders in my name for the new sanitation officer?”  The CATT nodded his head. I chuckled. Commander Phon was a royal pain-in-my-ass and this time he went too far. Dealing with that mess down there would do him some good or make him crazy. Either way a win win.

“Send Commander Sanford to personnel. I believe that Captain Lamont was looking for a few officers to to flesh out the ships a bit.” One thing that came out of the whole AI emancipation bill was the usefulness of the robots themselves. Finding new jobs for them to do wasn’t that hard. Merlin has been the best assistant I have ever had. I looked back out the window. Thirty minutes might seem like a short amount of time but for someone as overworked as I was it was a vacation.

Until the Assembly designates a replacement I am the commanding officer of both the Militia, the Space Navy, and Freedom Station! They can take ground command any time they want. Hell, they can take the Navy too. But, Freedom Station is mine! I looked over at Merlin. He was curled up in my desk chair pretending to sleep. I have to admit that I really like being in charge of this station. Even though this is a military post I get to meet a wide variety of interesting people. Of course this wasn’t my original plan for my life. Not even close. Now that I look back I see the mistakes I made in my life; some good and some bad.

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