Monday, August 8, 2016

Another Snippet just for you.

Here is another Snippet from the new Book. Minerva Lee is Athena's big sister. She has always been there for her to lean on. She is the leader of the planets Military. How did she get there and what gives her the strength of Character to handle the stress?


The room was filled with all of the returning staff. They had been called back two weeks early for an unannounced reason. Many wondered if it was because of the new alliance or the rumblings from the Anglican Alliance that was the cause.

“Attention!” All of the staff was either former or current military. Jumping up at attention was ingrained into them.

“As you were.”

Colonel Robert Gould walked stiffly into the room and stood behind the podium. He looked out into the faces of his loyal staff worried about the bomb he was about to drop on them.

“Gentleman. I have good news, bad news, and worse news for the coming school year. Good news first I suppose. You may or may not have noticed the new construction being done on the grounds. We are getting a new dormitory and better pluming in the existing facilities. Also we can expect more governmental inspections and possibly visits from the League.”

He could see smiles and nods from some of the instructors. Building upgrades were always on the list of improvements for the school. Governor Stoner was using them as a bribe.

“Now for the bad news. This academy is going Co-ed in three years.”

It began as a trickle but slowly formed into a roar as every officer present  save one, began to laugh. Robert waited for the laughter to die down before speaking again.

“I’m serious, Gentlemen. We will be Co-ed in three years.” The one man that did not laugh was Sergeant Fraiser, he just looked at the Colonel with a raised eyebrow.

“Sir, you have got to be kidding! It’s against the law! We can’t teach women, how would we do that? It’s impossible!”

“Are you done?” The Colonel gazed around the room.

“We will be doing it. The Planetary charter of this planet gives women equal rights and they want it. The league charter demands it. We are doing it. Now for the worse news. In two weeks we get one female cadet as a test.”

Groans could be heard throughout the room. The Sergeant smiled and leaned back into his chair. He knew something.

“Her name is Minerva Lee. She is the oldest daughter of Major Alexander Lee. It is my understanding that she is very capable for a girl.”

“Sir, the other cadets won’t stand for it! She will be either hazed or hurt, we can’t protect her!”

“You better try Lieutenant James. She is a pet project of the Governor of this planet. If you don’t think he will checking up on her you might as well leave now.” The Colonel glanced at the Sergeant again.

“Sergeant Fraiser, something you wanted to say?”

“Not particularly, Sir. I know of this girl. She’s a bit young but tough. A good friend of mine told me a bit about her. She may teach us a few things, that one will.”

“Would I know this friend of yours Sergeant?”

“You might, Sir. Former Sergeant Major Byron Sully gives a good review of the girl. She is a friend and he claims she’s a good student of his.”

“Hmm. We shall have to see then. Until now the only information I had was from the Governor and her father Major Lee. Neither was forthcoming with any information. The major knew very little about his own daughter.

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