Monday, August 29, 2016

Here is the first Snippet from the Book 10 of the Athena Lee Chronicles. War to the Knife

Lieutenant Jenkins was pinned down. The Earth ships had strafed his position a few minutes ago and there were dead and dying troops all around him. He ducked his head as a volley of projectiles ricocheted off the window frame he was hiding behind.

“Lieutenant Jenkins!” He looked over his shoulder. One of the sergeants was crawling across the debris strewn floor towards him.

“Stay low sergeant.” Crouching down on his knees he turned toward the man.

“Sir, we’ve been ordered to hold at all costs.” The sergeant looked haggard and worn. A fine trickle of blood crept down his forehead.

“What? That’s insane. Half the regiment got wiped out by that last attack!”

“Sir, we told them that and they insisted! The Earth ships dropped four divisions on us. They are barely holding onto the main city. They did promise to send us some reinforcements as soon as they can. We are to hold, Sir.”

“Damn. OK. Round up as many as you can. We will use this house as our main position and defend from here. Get the men to start digging in!” The sergeant nodded his head and began crawling his way back to the CP area.

A screaming cry from above made the lieutenant look up. Another of those damned Earth bombers was making a run. He ducked behind the house’s window as fusion bomblets peppered the regiments former position. His men were digging in around the house at a frantic pace. He gazed out the shattered window at the once fine neighborhood. This house sat on a small overlook making it both an excellent OP and the best defensible position. The house surrounding this one magnificent mansion were blasted and smoking. It was only luck that his command was alive to begin with

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  1. Noticed some continuity errors on Federal Witch Series... is Cat a WereCat or Wolf? You flip back and forth between them in the first book.