Saturday, August 4, 2018

Get the first seven books in the Athena Lee Chronicles for $0.99!

Get books one thru seven and the prequel of the Athena Lee Chronicles for less than a buck! The new book eleven in the series will be out this week!


  1. Thanks for this I have been waiting for a price drop to buy them as the price per page is a bit too high for my wallet.

    I don't suppose Wilsons War and Colony of CATTS could be added to the offer?

    Also any idea when we might see Space Cadets that was supposed to be out early 2017?

  2. space cadets have been moved into the main series. there will be a second series starting up after book 12. those characters will be there.

  3. I bought the book 1-3 boxset previously, so I went to buy books 4-7, but book 6 isn't on sale.