Monday, August 6, 2018

Child of Darkness is now available

After a successful mission in Tennessee, Agatha and her team were hoping for a few days off to rest and recharge. But events across the Atlantic in Europe have changed everything. 

Demonic creatures swarming across what is left of the Strega organization's secret base have started what could be Earth's second Demon War. To top it off, Agatha's Aunt Camilla has been seen in Charleston, South Carolina. 

For more than a year Agatha has wondered what happened to Camilla's body after she was killed that night in front of her grandmothers house in Maine. A year long manhunt found nothing.

American intelligence agents claim to have proof that it was she that raised the Demon Lord in Italy. Agatha and her team are immediately sent to Charleston to confront and arrest her. This ends now. But the Demon Lord has other ideas and Charleston will burn as a result!

Book 8 is a continuation of the ongoing Federal Witch Series.

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