Sunday, December 10, 2017

Status Update and what's in store for 2018

Status Update: I'm hard at work on Blood on the Moon, book 7 of the Federal Witch series. ETA on it is January. No gigantic gap this time. After it will be the Demon war mini-series which sets up book 8.

 Other books that are coming soon is Coven Codex from Taki Drake and also the first Badger Hole bar book which contains the missing Agatha meets Zhanna story. Taki wrote it not me.

 Bradford Bates and I released the prequel for the upcoming Wild Hunt book. I will have snippets soon for it. Look for book 1 in January as well. 2018 is going to be a huge year for Federal Witch. 

Lots of series coming and new things as well. I've picked up another Co-writer named Freddie Kim. He's going to help me finish the Athena Lee series and start up a second series inside that universe. 

Lots of fun will be had all around. Here's a sneak peak at the new book cover for Blood on the Moon.


  1. Are you still going to write book 3 of the Alpha Class?

  2. Nope. Michael has already used a couple of the characters in "future" books and i just dont have time to do it. I told him a few months ago I wasn't doing it and he was cool with it.

  3. When will blood on the moon be released on Amazon kindle