Friday, December 8, 2017

Another New Book! Read the Prequel to the upcoming Wild Hunt series today.

What would you do if you lost it all?

Rebecca was your not so normal everyday college kid. School was almost over, and that meant she would start training to take over her mother’s coven. That didn’t mean she wanted to, but she had years of brutal training to endure before she would be shackled by that responsibility. Hopefully, years where she wasn’t forced to live at home like she was now. That no boys in the house rule was the worst.

No boys seemed liked the worst that could happen, but that was before her family was attacked. Now Rebecca would give anything to be part of her family’s drama again, but that wasn’t possible, not with Ash on her tail. Staying two steps in front of Ash’s torturous pursuit had become her life’s only goal. Each day was a chance to bury the past. Nothing else mattered except keeping her mother’s grimoire safe.

Finding sleepy little Salem, Oregon might just be the key to her salvation. Although, Salem was harboring a few secrets of its own, and one of those secrets hated when witches stepped foot inside her city unannounced. What happens when Salem’s dirty little secret and the new witch in town collide?


  1. Is this’s spin off or just set in the federal witch world

  2. It is set in the world. Agatha and Fergus won't ever meet Jinx, but she is the one mentioned in the first part of Invisible Elder as the girl with Magic in the Pacific Northwest. Less confusion that way, We thought

  3. I enjoyed the Sample and would have bought it... until I saw it was 77 pages long. If I like the first Wild Hunt book, I will go back and get this prequel. PS. Love the Federal Witch series.

  4. TS great work and progress. happy for you but last time in goodreads I mentioned the correction you need to do in your website. The problem is still there. The first word should be THIS and not THE as seen here (The is the Website for Amazon Bestselling Author T S Paul)
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