Thursday, June 22, 2017

Book of the Week. Fugitive of Magic by Linsey Hall

In the city of Magic's Bend, I protect what's mine. No matter what.

To the world, I'm a just a Conjurer. To my closest friends, I'm a FireSoul--a dangerous Magica with forbidden powers and a dragon's soul. The downside? If anyone discovers what I am, I'm dead. So I lay low, kicking butt with my weapons, not my magic.

Things get ugly when I witness the murder of a powerful vampire ally and become the key suspect. Soon, I'm hunted by the sexiest, strongest supernatural I've ever met. Ares is an unheard of vampire hybrid, and it's hard to say if he wants to kiss me or kill me.

I've got three days to catch the real killer. The bad news? It will take my forbidden magic to succeed. But can I control it, much less keep my secret with Ares watching my every move? Especially when the stakes get ever higher?

I'm used to protecting I have to protect myself. 

Fugitive of Magic is a fast-paced fantasy mystery with a kick-butt heroine, a tough hero, and magic that will blow your socks off.


  1. this book sounds exactly like 5 other book series I've read a 5 have the: dragon soul if discovered they will be killed, can't use their magic it will give them away, and they're ALL supposed be kick ass women that don't understand the meaning of don't draw attention to your selves.
    I'm sorry if me saying this offends anyone but it's the truth just type in "dragon" in amazon and you can find them with NO troubles.

  2. The series of books are one of my favourites each is based on a different dafur (adopted sister) and how they grow and control the powers as well as a love story too. If you like paranormal stories you'll like these too.