Tuesday, June 27, 2017

It's Out! Night of the Unicorn is now available.

It's finally available! 


  1. Hi, could you perhaps post a chronological list of all books, shorts and other tie-ins in the Agatha universe?
    I just started reading the new book and in the first three chapters I repeatedly got the impression that I missed something.

  2. Born a Witch Drafted by the FBI!
    Conjuring Quantico
    Magical Probi
    Special Agent in Charge
    Witness Enchantment
    Night of the Unicorn
    Invisible Elder - TBD
    Blood on the Moon - TBD
    Child of Darkness -TBD
    A Draft of Dragons -TBD
    Cat’s Night Out, Tails from the Federal Witch

    Cat's night out is a collection of short stories that help to fill in the holes in the early books. It would technically be called 3.5 if Amazon allowed fractional numbers. Inside the Federal witch cookbooks are short stories also. 2 in each. They cover Agatha as a child and of course star Fergus. Cupids bow - a romance anthology contains Fergus's origin story. It tells of his early life and his lost love. Born a witch contains much of the same. -how Aggie came to be recruited and what happened when she stepped on campus for the first time. The Up coming Mongo stories won't have the gang in them. other than the occasional mention. They are slated to be cozy style mysteries based upon the goofy WerePolar bear Mongo. A first peak at those is in the Mysterious Hearts anthology. (links to all of these are in the back of the book) Shade of Honor is about the Russian Mercs mentioned in the first couple of books. It takes place in the Universe but like mongo won't actually cross over. Real world complications. I did help write it though. I do explain much of all this in the author notes in Unicorn. It can get confusing. I try so very hard to not make it so because as i reader i hate that. Like any universe the size of it is based upon the imagination of the Author. I have a good imagination.

  3. read Zhanna's book yesterday and agatha's today. The only thing i can complain about is where is the story about the Badger's Hole Bar and the interaction between the two?? Both books comment on it many times and they both say there was a three month time frame there and am sad that all we have is the teasers(?) and not the story. when if ever can we expect that story?

  4. its in the works. The plan is to use it to ease into another universe. I'm writing it not Taki.

  5. Confused. In Magical Probi the unicorns had signed the accords but now not recognize as citizens? Agatha even said the Fea spoke for them.

  6. I have to agree with stultusstupidorium.
    I read Shade of Honor the day after it came out and Night of the Unicorn has so many references to those missing three months that it feels a bit disconnected.
    It might have been better to delay Night of the Unicorn until after the Agatha/Zhanna interaction story had been published. The timeline and stories would have flowed better IMO.

    Love the series and usually buy them with a couple of days of release.

  7. I agree with concerns on the flow. I though I had missed a book/story along the way somehow and went searching for it. That's how I came across these comments. Delaying Night of the Unicorn until after the Agatha/Zhanna interaction story would have been better.

    I also love the series and have read all the books...