Thursday, April 6, 2017

Snippet time! Here is Snippet #06 from Witness Enchantment


Chuck roared into the parking lot our RV’s were in and we all hopped out. I grabbed Marvin and put him in my Suburban. Cat would take the RV. It had part of our lab as well as sleeping arraignments for half the team.

“Chuck stash that thing down the street. Bill can you watch him while I get Fergus and my stuff?” I gave orders even as I climbed into the RV,

I heard Marvin ask Bill who Fergus was just as I stepped inside.

“Hey! Welcome back. I downloaded some great barn ideas. You need to check out the parquet floors I found. Can you just imagine how that would look in there? And this drape set with valence is perfect.” I stood there blinking at my Unicorn for about half a minute before heading toward the back. I’d forgotten about his pimp my barn project.

My GO bag was packed and ready sitting on my bed. I quickly checked to be sure I had everything. Spellbook, herbs, and other necessary materials. Clothing was secondary. There was one fresh change of clothes in there as well as five thousand in cash provided by the Director. The money was discretionary for our group but she said I was covered if I had to use it. My own account reflected that much and plenty more but I would try to not touch that source.

Even knowing that this RV wasn’t really mine made it no less mine. It was my home and I would miss it. “Fergus time to go.”

“Go? Go where? I have plans to talk about and more videos to watch. Plus I may have ordered some paint to redo my barn. How much is ten gallons? Is that enough to do the job?”

Unicorns. “How did you order it? I thought Grams turned off Goliath on your phone after you ordered that pizza oven?” She told me a very large truck was backing into the driveway. Fortunately her cafe in town really did need a new oven but she was pretty mad at the little terrorist.

“Um. I sort of copied your password and logged back in.” Fergus quickly ran behind his barn to hide.

I was in too much of a hurry to fix this now. “When we get back we will discuss this, but we have to leave. Now.” I gave him a chance and held out my hand.

“Promise you won’t throw me to the cats?” Fergus cautiously climbed onto my hand.

“When have I ever done that to you intentionally?”

“That one time when you needed a ball for Zeus you…” I stuck him in my pocket and laughed. He was right. I was eight and Zeus wanted to play. I pulled open my shirt pocket and apologized. “Sorry buddy. No cats this time.”

Taking a last look at my home I hopped down the stairs and closed the door behind me. “Everybody set?”

“I’m still not happy about this but I do understand. Be careful, Aggy.” Cat gave me a big hug and a pat on my back.

Chuck ran up suddenly. “Am I too late?”

“No. Take care of everyone Chuck. Make sure Ana stays on track.” I looked at my watch. “I need to go. Don’t for get to check your mail. It will be my only way to communicate with you.”

I climbed into my car and watched my friends wave goodbye as I drove off.

“They really care for you. Are you taking me home?” I looked back at Marvin. He was sitting in the middle seat watching out the window.

“Marvin you know I can’t do that. They will kill you the moment they see you. Don’t you understand?”

“Maybe. I don’t like strange places. Only Sheila understands me.” He turned and looked at me.

Sheila? “Is that your girlfriend?”

“She’s my best friend. She always has time for me. I miss her.” Marvin had such longing in his voice.

“When all this is over I promise I will get you to her. OK?” He didn’t answer me. I made a mental note to ask the team to find her.

We had the RV’s parked in a Wally world shopping center to not attract attention to ourselves. My first stop was unknown to team. I trust them with my life but I really wouldn’t put it past them to tag me electronically just because. Green River rentals had a something waiting for me at their Georgetown location.


  1. Great action.
    BTW - arraignments are legal proceedings. Arrangements is the word you are looking for.