Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Like Audio books? Check out the New one for Magical Probi


  1. When will the rest of the audiobooks for Federal Witch Series be out?
    Apart from a few sound issues from the prequel book (it could of just downloaded poorly I'll know when I listen again probably when next book is out).
    The narrator is very good at getting the different character voices both male and female right as not many narrators can read with both notable male and female accents.
    I'm looking forward to the next too audiobooks and any that follow with new books in the series. It's great that we get them in the UK too as we don't always get them or the come out later than US even though we both speak English

  2. Audio is a bit of a pain. There is only one company that puts audio up on Amazon and other services. ACX is what they are called. When we upload our version to them they take a MINIMUM of 10 days to process it. Usually it takes more like 15 days for them to review it and upload to market. Which sucks all the way around BTW. There is a new version of the prequel that is either already in place or on it's way according to my audio publisher. as for the other books. Book 3 is almost complete and should be working its way thru ACX soon. I just passed off updated Manuscripts to them for Witness Enchantment and Cat's night out. Expect those in a few months. There will be an Audio trilogy - Books 0,1,2 going up soon it just entered the review process. One thing that most don't know about MY audio books is that they are produced by students. The sound crews are all done by colleges in the Chicago, Il (USA) area that work hand in hand with All Chaos Press. it gives them real world experience and me a good product. Several updates of the other books have gone out but as i said earlier it takes a bunch of time to go up. For ebooks it takes up to 72 hours for comparison. I hope this helps?