Thursday, April 27, 2017

Check out these authors! New from the Smarter Artists Summit in Austin, Tx

So my wife and I have been  at the Smarter Artists Summit all week. We made a few new friends and a connections along the way. Here are a couple of authors to check out an give a look to.

Fame and fortune wait for no one, except The Voodoo Dolls!The story of 4 young women who recently learned that everything is real!The Voodoo Dolls are a punk-rock band who also run a touristy shop in the French Quarter of New Orleans. They don't have magic, so their items aren't magical. But most tourists swear by their voodoo dolls and love potions. The girls also make the best aphrodisiac fudge around. Don't believe me? Ask the women who keep buying it and referring their friends!Two friends from high school seek their help in finding their lost sister. The Dolls aren't private investigators, but with the help from their wolf shifter friends and an unlikely good guy, they discover what happened to the missing triplet.This is a story with evil magic users, vampires, and wolf shifters. If this were a movie, it would be rated PG-13 If you loved Twilight or anything by K.F. Breene, then you'll be enthralled by New Orleans Magic!

 This ain’t your grandma’s cozy mystery!

Retired librarian Nancy Moon never expected a tiger to jump on the hood of her car, nor did she expect to meet a dying witch in an alleyway. But when this widow agrees to fulfill the expiring woman's last wish, she must face her fears and venture into a world she knows nothing about.

As Nancy delves deeper into a world of magic, mayhem, and monsters, she finds herself caught between saving herself and those she cares about.

A Moonlit Task is an urban fantasy mystery novel with an epic plot set in a world of hidden magic and paranormal creatures. It is the first book in the End Gate Series by Tom Hansen. Readers of Patricia Briggs, Jim Butcher, and those who want an older protagonist in their fantasy will love this new twist on a familiar tale.

Buy this book if you are tired of teenagers always saving the world!

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