Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Check out this new replacement Cover for Cat's Night Out!

It will take a few day for it to clear Amazon's systems but the new cover is really cool. It gives the older book a new look and brings it more in line with the series.

Book 2.5 of the Federal Witch series.

Catherine Moore, Cat to her friends, trained with her friend Agatha Blackmore to be the best FBI Agents to ever graduate from the Academy. When Agatha left for her Probi assignment Cat had one of her own. A serial killer stalked the South. Sometimes it takes a Monster to catch a Monster. The work fills in some of the nooks and crannies found between Magical Probi and Special Agent in Charge. 

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  1. The overall cover is great, I had thought I was be coming here to whine about the change. But I must confess the original cover left me mesmerized, just staring at it and it will be missed.