Sunday, March 25, 2018

Book of the Week! Stumbling Through Time by Naomi Muse

 Author Naomi Muse is a good friend of mine. She's a founding member of the Phoenix Prime writing collective and part of the upcoming Wenebojo project. (I'll be posting about that one soon) Naomi is a prolific writer and excels at shorter fiction, the kind you can read on your phone. She recently started writing mysteries as well as some Science fiction themed pieces. This is one such series.

Can time travel change your outlook on life?

Laveau had a life that many people would envy. He was filthy rich and had no problem attracting women. Unfortunately, that was all he had. With no friends or family left, he was miserable. He had given up any hope of finding a meaningful connection with anyone. But when he decided to walk away from everything he had ever known, he wound up in a whole new time.
He found himself over 80 years in the past with a strange new guide. The woman seemed to know him, but he had never met her before. He wasn’t sure how he got there. Or, how he was going to make it back home. Was there anything for him to go back home to? Could time travel give his life a new purpose?

Check out Stumbling Through Time, part of the Fire and Bloodstone series by Naomi Muse. If you like the more magical approach to time travel, this is the story for you!

And get Book Two as well!

Laveau is back, and this time he might have stumbled into a life of crime!

After Leaveau’s first time traveling experience, he is ready to try again. Armed with more questions than answers, Laveau goes through the fire and finds himself in the company of the notorious Bonnie and Clyde. He isn’t sure if he should turn them in or make a run for it. All he knows is that he needs to get away from them before their time is up!

Will Laveau make it back to his time? Or, will he go out in a blaze of glory?

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