Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Snippet Time! Check out this from Darkness Revealed.


 Almost a thousand years of history was in this room. From humble origins to real power the might of the Strega was untold.

“Dragon kind once ruled this world. There is a reason they persist in our legends. The beings we call the Gods, drove them from Earth banishing them to the voids of space and time. But they have secretly continued to hold influence  here. The Gods as we know them are waning. Belief isn’t there with the masses any longer. The white god holds some sway as the old ones scrabble for the scraps. The Dragons seek allies for their return. There is much power in the hands of men. That must be subdued before they can openly act. Our pact with them will accelerate that timetable. We will get out revenge on those calling themselves Americans and at the same time weaken the barriers allowing our ally access to this world.” Ysabel smiled.

“But that doesn’t explain why they are coming here?”

“Ah, yes. They are delivering something. Our price for the alliance. Nothing is free in this world. Everything has a price. You just have to be willing to pay it. Prepare the men, the Coven will meet in session shortly.” Ysabel watched him leave.

“Did you hear?” Ysabel spoke into the room.

“I did. The Dragons are a wild card in our plan. If the book they hold wasn’t so important I would advise leaving them be.” Set’s voice seemed to come from the very walls. Even Ysabel shivered when the God spoke.

“Are you sure there is no other copy available?” Ysabel backed up to her throne and sat down.

“There is but it is protected by forces far greater than the you can overcome. The Dragon’s copy is easier to obtain.”

Ysabel persisted. “Is it off planet like their copy?”

“It is now. My agents were about to claim it in Haiti when it vanished. Someone has been meddling and breaking the rules along the way.” Set almost growled the last part of his statement.

“Another God?” That worried the Strega Queen. The Gods were fickle and very troublesome.

“Yes. Athena has been collecting knowledge for centuries. What her ultimate plans are is unknown. If you see an owl nearby kill it. She has spies everywhere.”

“Yes, Milord. Can we raid her storehouse? If she has claimed it the knowledge there must be great.” The very idea made Ysabel’s head spin.

“Put it from your mind. The library of Alexandria is protected by space and time. For now it is untouchable. If we can upset the balance here on Earth you may gain access. Time will tell.”

“Milord, Set?” Ysabel called out to the God but he was gone. If the library still existed it could advance the Strega’s cause more than siding with Dragons. She would have to consult the Oracle and her historian.

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