Friday, August 18, 2017

Book of the Week: Ubiquitous, The Grey Hearted

 No one understood how they survived… Now they just have to stay alive.

After a horrific car crash that decimated half her family, Stephanie Clark is forced to contend with a life without her memory. For her step-brother, Ben Hearting, it wasn’t that easy. He remembers everything, so much so he wonders if he’s losing his mind….

But when Stephanie is kidnapped by a rogue pack of werewolves and a startling discovery leads them to uncover unnatural secrets about their own unique lineages, Ben has no choice but to join the clan to keep her safe.

But nothing is ever easy…

With Stephanie feeling as if she is sinking into madness and the pack's belief she suffers only because her true identity is still dormant, Ben discovers there is only one thing that can save her now, the Book of Heritage. But the book is hidden. Hidden within another clan. One with a deadly wolf who will spill the blood of anyone who gets in his way.

Will Ben be able to use his strength and intelligence to steal the Book of Heritage? Or will he travel the world only to fail when he is needed the most?

The Grey Hearted is a spine-tingling first edition in a must read Paranormal series by Stacey Nelson. If you like paranormal suspense, haunting mystery, and thrilling intrigue then you will love the can't-put-it-down style of the Ubiquitous Series!

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