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Saturday, February 4, 2017

New Barn for Fergus

Everyone love the little Unicorn and I am constantly looking for inspiration at toy stores and flea markets. Barn's that Moo are a thing of the past. My mother threw mine away a long time ago, so I've been looking for one. The original company that made them doesn't anymore. But I did find this Barn at a local store the other day. I found what I can use as a Fergus (Armor is removable) a few weeks ago, too. Together they make a good model of the Mini Unicorn from my books.

My wife thinks I'm insane for having it on my desk but it gives me inspiration.


  1. I love it! Now he needs a tv and some company.

  2. Just finished reading the 3rd story.
    Ah not the special agent in Charge going for that next. I love the books. great Job. Next a movie would be great! I am sending a note to my son who is a camera man who knows someone who makes movies.
    They are always looking for stories. Ya never know. So a note or word about your books could be the next HP stuff. I think it would make lot of people happy. ya might have to dam down the gore but thats easy.If it happens I get to see the witch in charge in a movie!!! I wish you and your family all the best. Thanks for the happy reads. Please keep making the series it bring magic to our world.
    Godspeed! Dodge the crazy ones.